Voting in the European elections

Who can vote in the upcoming European Parliament elections? What do you have to do to be able to vote? And what exactly is being voted for? We have put together a brief overview for you so that everyone is well informed.

Voting in the European elections

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Who can vote?

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  • Voters must be citizens of an EU member state. 🇪🇺

  • They must be of legal age and in possession of their civil rights on election day and must not have lost their right to vote. 🔞

  • Non-Luxembourgish EU citizens state must be resident in Luxembourg at the time they apply to be entered on the electoral roll. Luxembourgers are automatically registered and obliged to vote. 🏠🇱🇺

  • All voters may only vote once, which means that EU foreigners have to decide whether to cast their vote in their country of origin or in Luxembourg. 🤔

  • All voters in Luxembourg may vote by post in the European elections. The application can be submitted to the municipality or via 📨

How to vote?

The next European elections will take place in Luxembourg on 9 June 2024. 🗓️

Luxembourg citizens are automatically registered for the European elections.
In order to exercise their right to vote in Luxembourg, Non-Luxembourgish EU citizens who have never voted in a European election in Luxembourg can register on the electoral lists no later than on April 15, 2024 (55 days before the election date).

Please note: ⚠️ The electoral roll for the European elections is different from that for municipal elections.

Registering on the electoral rolls for the European elections

All important information on the European elections

In the following we offer all those who are interested in further information and/or want an overview of the European elections the brochures "Check Politik", which the ZpB (Zentrum fir politesch Bildung) has prepared. These brochures provide basic information on the European elections in an easy-to-read version. You can find more information about Easy-to-read here. Also check out the other informative posters and brochures offered by the ZpB on the European elections in Luxembourg.

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